Stakeholder Policy

At Atlantica, our purpose is to support the transition towards a more sustainable world by investing in and managing sustainable infrastructure, while creating long-term value for our stakeholders.

We acknowledge that we have a broad range of stakeholders with different interests and viewpoints. We believe that building trusting relationships and incorporating stakeholder input into our business decisions and activities is key to achieve our long-term strategy.

We have determined that our main stakeholders are our employees, suppliers, customers, business partners, local communities, shareholders and debt investors. These stakeholders have a significant impact on our day-to-day operations and/or, on our long-term strategy. We acknowledge that collaboration with them is critical to generate a stable and predictable business environment that enables us to reduce risks, identify opportunities, protect our reputation and save time and money.

Our goal is to build and strengthen relationships of trust with our stakeholders to minimize reputational risks, improve operational efficiency via smooth collaboration with stakeholders, and gain respectability and credibility. We have made available a two-way interaction system aimed at sharing knowledge and relevant information with stakeholder audiences.

We are committed to (i) engaging with our stakeholders to obtain input that can be helpful as we execute on our strategy, and (ii) doing our best to gain stakeholders’ trust. Particularly, we seek to:

  • Comply with all mandatory legal, regulatory, contractual obligations and our company policies that govern us.
  • Act responsibly and build relationships based on ethics, integrity and sustainable development.
  • Ensure transparency in relationships, by sharing truthful, relevant, complete, clear and useful information.
  • Maintain a constructive, ongoing and effective dialogue with our stakeholders that helps align their interests with those of the Company.
  • Provide guidelines to identify our stakeholders and prioritize them based on Company’s impact and ability to influence them, as well as their impact and ability to influence Atlantica.
  • Guide our stakeholder on the best method of engagement through our two-way interaction system.
  • Inform stakeholders about the economic, environmental, and social impacts that could significantly influence them.
  • Implement efficient programs to monitor stakeholders.
  • Provide guidelines on how to ensure that stakeholders have sufficient capacity to engage with the Company.
  • Provide guidelines to identify and manage the risks and opportunities related to the Company’s stakeholder.
  • Implement efficient programs to monitor stakeholder relations.
  • Take advantage of new technologies to foster continuous stakeholder engagement improvement.
  • Dedicate time and effort to generate value added initiatives to both the stakeholders and Atlantica.
  • Transparently report our key stakeholder engagement measures and provide guidelines on how to communicate the results.

The monitoring and accomplishment of this Stakeholder Engagement Policy is reviewed by senior management in Business and Corporate Committees under the ultimate supervision of the Board of Directors.