Our Assets

We own a diversified portfolio of renewable energy, efficient natural gas, electric transmission line and water contracted assets. Our portfolio consists of:

AssetTypeEconomic StakeLocationCapacityOfftaker**Years Contract LeftCurrency
Solar100%USA (Arizona)280 MWAPS22USD
Solar100%USA (California)280 MWPG&E18USD
Coso Geothermal100%USA (California)135 MWSCPPA & two CCAs17USD
Elkhorn Valley Wind49%USA (Oregon)101 MWIdaho Power Company6USD
Prairie Star Wind49%USA (Minnesota)101 MWGreat River Energy6USD
Twin Groves II Wind49%USA (Illinois)198 MWExelon Generation Co.4USD
Lone Star II Wind49%USA (Texas)196 MWEDPR1USD
Chile PV 1 Solar35%Chile55 MWn/an/aUSD (**)
Chile PV 2 Solar35%Chile40 MWn/a9USD (**)
Solar100%Colombia20 MWNot Rated14COP
Wind100%Uruguay50 MWUTE12USD
Wind100%Uruguay50 MWUTE13USD
Melowind Wind100%Uruguay50 MWUTE14USD (**)
Mini-Hydro Hydro100%Peru4 MWPeru11USD (**)
Solar70%Spain2x50 MWKingdom of Spain16/16Euro (*)
Solar87%Spain2x50 MWKingdom of Spain15/15Euro (*)
Solar100%Spain31 MWKingdom of Spain10/12Euro (*)
Solar100%Spain2x50 MWKingdom of Spain15/15Euro (*)
Solar100%Spain2x50 MWKingdom of Spain15/16Euro (*)
Solar100%Spain3x50 MWKingdom of Spain13/13/14Euro (*)
Solar100%Spain2x50 MWKingdom of Spain17/17Euro (*)
Seville PV Solar80%Spain1 MWKingdom of Spain14Euro (*)
Italy PV 1 Solar100%Italy1.6 MWItaly9Euro (*)
Italy PV 2 Solar100%Italy2.1 MWItaly9Euro (*)
Italy PV 3 Solar100%Italy2.5 MWItaly10Euro (*)
Solar100%Italy3.6 MWItaly10Euro (*)
Solar51%South Africa100 MWEskom Holdings13ZAR
Calgary District Heating100%Canada55 MWt22 High quality clients719CAD
Conventional100%Mexico300 MWPemex11USD (**)
Conventional30%Mexico142 MWIndustrial Costumers17USD (**)
Transmission100%Peru379 milesPeru19USD (**)
Transmission100%Peru569 milesPeru22USD (**)
Transmission100%Peru81 milesMinera Las Bambas11USD (**)
Transmission100%Chile81 milesSierra Gorda13/13USD (**)
Transmission100%Chile6 milesEndesa Chile16USD (**)
Chile TL3 Transmission100%Chile50 MilesCNE (National Energy Commision)RegulatedUSD (**)
Transmission100%Chile63 MillesSeveral Mini-Hydro plants50USD
Water34%Algeria3.5 Mft3/daySonatrach & ADE12USD (**)
Water26%Algeria7 Mft3/daySonatrach & ADE16USD (**)
Water51%Algeria7 Mft3/daySonatrach & ADE18USD (**)

(*) Gross cash in euros dollarized through currency hedges.

(**) USD denominated but payable in local currency.