Our Growth Opportunities

Atlantica is well positioned to benefit from the expected transition towards a more sustainable power generation mix in our markets. We intend to take advantage of, and leverage our growth strategy on, favorable trends in the clean power generation, energy scarcity and the global focus on the reduction of carbon emissions.

We intend to grow our business through different sources:

  • Organic Growth: we believe we can achieve organic growth through the optimization of the existing portfolio, escalation factors at many of our assets as well as the repowering and hybridization with other technologies of some of the renewable energy facilities and the expansion of our transmission lines.
  • Third party Acquisitions: we expect to acquire assets from third parties leveraging the local presence and network we have in geographies and sectors in which we operate.
  • Development: we will also continue to invest in the development and construction of new assets, in some cases on our own and in other cases with partners. We have entered into and intend to enter into agreements or partnerships with developers and asset owners

With this business model, our objective is to pay a consistent and growing cash dividend to shareholders that is sustainable on a long-term basis.