Credit Profile

Credit Ratings

Credit ratings and outlooks are opinions subject to ongoing review by the rating agencies and may change from time to time based on Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure’s financial performance, industry dynamics, and other factors.


AgencyRatingOutlookLast Review
Standard & Poor’sBB+StableMay 10, 2022
Fitch RatingsBB+StableMarch 31, 2021

Corporate Debt as of March 31, 2022.

US $ in millions1MaturityAmounts2
Credit Facilities(Revolving Credit Facility)3
(Other facilities)5
2022 – 2026
Green Exchangeable Notes62025104.9
2020 Green Private Placement7(€ denominated)2026321.1
Note Issuance Facility 20208(€ denominated)2027153.1
Green Senior Notes92028394.4

(1) Exchange rates as of March 31, 2022 (EUR/USD = 1.1159).
(2) Amounts include principal amounts outstanding, unless stated otherwise.
(3) As of March 31, 2022, letters of credit with face value in an amount equal to $21.5 million were outstanding and $393.5 million were available under the Revolving Credit Facility. The latter has a total limit of $430 million.
(4) The maturity of loans outstanding from time to time under the Revolving Credit Facility was extended from December 2023 to December 2024 pursuant to the Seventh Amendment to the Revolving Credit Facility, dated May 5, 2022

(5) Other facilities include the Commercial Paper Program, accrued interest payable and other debts.
(6) Senior unsecured notes dated July 17, 2020, exchangeable into ordinary shares of Atlantica, cash, or a combination of both, at Atlantica’s election.
(7) Senior secured notes dated April 1, 2020, of €290 million.
(8) Refers to the senior unsecured note facility dated July 8, 2020, of €140 million.
(9) Green Senior Unsecured Notes dated May 18, 2021, of $400 million.