Company Overview

We are a sustainable infrastructure company focused on renewable energy with a portfolio of 2.2 GW operating assets. Our purpose is to support the transition towards a more sustainable world by investing in and managing sustainable infrastructure assets, while creating long-term value for our investors and the rest of our stakeholders.

In 2023, our renewable sector represented 73% of our revenue. We complement our renewable assets portfolio with storage, efficient natural gas and transmission infrastructure assets, as enablers of the transition towards a clean energy mix. We also hold water assets, a relevant sector for sustainable development.

We currently own 46 assets which generally have contracted or regulated revenue. As of March 31, 2024, our assets had a weighted average remaining contract life of approximately 13 years.

We intend to grow our business through the development and construction opportunities and third-party acquisitions, as well as the optimization of the existing portfolio, expansion and repowering opportunities. We currently have a pipeline of assets under development of approximately 2.0 GW of renewable energy and 6.0 GWh of storage. Approximately 47% of the projects are PV, 41% storage, 11% wind, and 1% other, while 19% of the projects are expected to reach ready to build (“Rtb”) in 2024 or 2025, 32% are in an advanced development stage and 49% are in early stage. 19% correspond to expansion or repower opportunities of existing assets and 81% to greenfield developments.

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