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Our Values


Integrity, Compliance and Safety. We will always do what is right. We continuously strive for the highest standards of business conduct, safety and professionalism even if it means making difficult choices. We are strongly committed to comply with all rules and regulations - no questions asked -

Value creation. We undertake a proactive approach to create long-term value for our shareholders. Our core corporate policies are supported by a solid commitment to risk management that guides all our decisions

Sustainability. We invest in assets that are environmentally sustainable and we manage them sustainably. We follow policies that analyze, evaluate and propose measures oriented at minimizing the environmental impacts of our business activity

Excellence and Efficiency. We believe in outstanding and disciplined asset management of our operations to be the best-in-class operator while seeking excellence on a cost-efficient basis

Collaborative Environment. Respect and Teamwork are key to achieve our goals. We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves and we put the team ahead of personal success. To build strong teams, we recruit, train and promote the best people