Community Development and Involvement Policy

The Community Development and Involvement Policy sets the basis to support local communities, collaborate with them and promote their environmental, economic and social progress.

At Atlantica, we acknowledge that our day-to-day activities have impacts on nearby communities (our assets occupy large areas of land, we generate waste, we foster communities’ economic prosperity through local purchasing, the hiring of local employees, etc.). It is key for us to be a proactive and valued member of our communities.

We are committed to supporting long-term development of the communities where we operate as part of our culture at Atlantica. Particularly, we seek to:

  • Comply with all mandatory legal, regulatory or contractual obligations to the communities.
  • Have our local senior executives responsible for leading community relations and implementing: (i) consultation guidelines ad-hoc to each community (including consultation conducted at early stages of the project if we control the project) and, (ii) a formal system for identifying local stakeholders or community interests. In other words, we commit to consulting with local communities to understand the expectations of our stakeholders, to analyzing initiatives our communities care about most and, to participating with local stakeholders in community development planning and monitoring.
  • Set community development targets and deadlines.
  • Implement efficient programs to monitor community development programs.
  • Maintain adequate and regular communication channels to identify, avoid and/or resolve potential issues that may arise.
  • Dedicate time and efforts to generate added value initiatives to both the communities and Atlantica.
  • Transparently report key measures taken to support the communities where we operate.

The monitoring and accomplishment of this Community Development and Involvement Policy is reviewed by senior management in the Business Committees.