Clients Privacy Policy

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Last updated version: 30/06/2022

Our Clients Privacy Policy, which is set out below, has been prepared in compliance with the current regulation regarding personal data protection, which includes but is not limited to, requirements of the European Regulation 2016/679 on protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data on the free movement of such data.


We inform you that Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure PLC, with address at Great West House 17th Floor, Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, Greater London, United Kingdom, TW8 9DF, and/or its subsidiaries are the Data Controller of your personal data for the purposes described here. The specific company, which is the Data Controller of your data, will be the one who signed the contract with you.

The subsidiaries of Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure PLC, which comprise the Atlantica group (hereinafter “Atlantica”) are listed in the last consolidated annual report published on the website

You may contact the Data Protection Manager in the postal address previously indicated or in the following email address .


We have obtained your data from the commercial or contractual relationship that the company, entity or organization you work for or collaborate with has maintained (or currently maintains) with Atlantica.


The data we will process for the purposes stated further on is limited to the business contact data related to the company, entity or organization you work for or with whom you collaborate. This information consists of the identity data of the natural persons who contract with Atlantica, such as name, surname, job title, national identity card number, telephone number, e-mail address.


Your business contact data is processed with the purpose of maintaining the commercial, contractual or collaborative relationships that Atlantica has with the company, entity or organization you work for or collaborate with. This data processing includes the management of the contractual relationship with you or your organization, the negotiation of new operations or lines of business that may be opened between Atlantica and you, the administrative, commercial, accounting and tax management and the management of recoveries, payments, and risk assessment in your capacity as a client, as well as the improvement of the quality of the services provided by Atlantica.

Atlantica will also process your personal data for statistical purposes and for the execution of quality surveys as Atlantica´s client, to improve the quality of the services provided.

Furthermore, we may use your business contact data in the company, entity or organization you work for or collaborate with, to send commercial communications, even by electronic means, regarding activities of our entity that are of a similar nature to those that motivate the existing relationship between our entity and the company, entity or organization that you work for or collaborate with.


The processing of your business contact data relative to maintaining the relationship between Atlantica and the company, entity or organization you work for or collaborate with the negotiation of new operations; administrative, commercial, accounting, tax, recoveries, payment and risk assessment management, as well as the improvement of the quality of the provided services,  responds to  the precontractual or contractual relationship of our organization with you, specifically recognized in the privacy regulation.

The processing of your personal data for Atlantica to send information regarding activities similar to those that motivate the relationship with the company, entity or organization you work for or collaborate with, and the preparation of quality or statistics surveys, responds to a legitimate interest of our entity and is authorized by the existing regulation. Likewise, at any time, you have the right not to be subject to this processing by exercising your right to object to it.


Your data may be disclosed to the following addressees for these reasons:

  • Public Administrations: for compliance with legal obligations to which Atlantica is subject based on its activity.
  • Accounting audit firms: to comply with the legal obligations of auditing accounts to which Atlantica is subject due to its activity.
  • Law Enforcement: when our organization is required to provide information in compliance with a legal obligation.
  • Providers who require access to your personal data in order to execute the contractual relationship between you and Atlantica and with whom Atlantica has subscribed confidentiality and data processing agreements that are necessary and mandatory by the privacy protection regulation.
  • Atlantica may communicate your personal data to interested third parties that may arise from the development of any structural modification of our company or the contribution or transfer of business or branch of business activity. Such communication of data will be carried out under the protection of the legitimate interest of the Company consisting of the correct governance of the same.
  • Other companies belonging to Atlantica. Atlantica will be able to communicate the data to the other companies that make up the Atlantica group and that you can see in the most recent Consolidated Annual Report published on the web site, all with the aim of correctly executing the contractual relationship with you and for internal organisational purposes, for example to correctly execute the contracted services based on the legitimate corporate interest of the Atlantica group.
  • And any other disclosure to which Atlantica is required by current legislation.

Atlantica will not disclose your data with other third parties without first obtaining your consent, with the exception of those cases in which it is necessary for compliance with legal or contractual obligations to which Atlantica is subject at all times by its nature and activity, as well as in those cases where processing is necessary for the purposes of Atlantica´s legitimate interests.

You will be duly informed if Atlantica transfers personal data to other addressees in the future.



Due to the international nature of the Atlantica group, it is possible that your personal data will be transferred and shared with Atlantica entities in our offices outside the European Union. Atlantica protects such transfers in accordance with the international data transfer agreements adopted, which incorporate the Standard Data Protection Clauses (Standard Contract Clauses) adopted by the European Commission. To obtain a copy of the Standard Contract Terms applicable in the EU adopted by Atlantica, please contact the Data Protection Manager indicated at the beginning of this document.

From third parties

Atlantica does not need to make international transfers of its data to countries that do not have regulations equivalent to the European one (“Third Countries”). In the event that our entity needs to hire the services of suppliers located in Third Countries for the treatment of their data, such hiring would be done after complying with all the requirements established by the data protection regulations and applying the necessary guarantees and safeguards to preserve your privacy.

For further information regarding warranties to your privacy, you may contact the Data Protection Manager at the electronic or postal addresses previously indicated.


Your personal data will be stored while your relationship with Atlantica is ongoing and, once said relationship is terminated for whatever cause, for the applicable legal terms. Once the relationship is terminated, your data will be processed solely to the effects of demonstrating compliance with the legal or contractual obligations of the Company. Once said legal terms are met, your data will be eliminated or, alternatively, anonymized.


We inform you that you have a right to access your personal data, rectify inaccurate data, request their erasure when they are no longer necessary, oppose or limit the processing or request the portability of the data, through the postal and electronic addresses indicated.

Furthermore, if you consider the processing of your personal data violates the regulation or your rights to privacy, you may file a complaint:

These rights may be exercised by sending a communication:

  • To the e-mail address: with the subject “Data Protection”; or
  • By any postal means with proof of receipt by Atlantica, addressed to the following address: Great West House (Gw1), Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, Greater London, United Kingdom, TW8 9DF, or the postal address of its subsidiaries indicating on the envelope the reference “Data Protection”.

In addition, if you believe that the processing of your personal data infringes the applicable privacy law or your privacy rights, you may file a complaint:

  • Through the postal and e-mail addresses indicated above, or
  • To the applicable Data Protection Authority, through its electronic headquarters, or its postal address.


We may periodically amend this Privacy Policy to reflect every modification in regulations and/or our privacy policies.