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Atlantica is a sustainable infrastructure company that owns and manages renewable energy, efficient natural gas, transmission and transportation infrastructures and water assets.

We operate high-quality facilities recently constructed, with long useful lives. Our long-term contracts permit us to generate stable and long-term cash-flows. We currently own 25 assets, comprising 1,496 MW of aggregate renewable energy installed generation capacity, 343 MW of efficient natural gas-fired power generation capacity, 1,166 miles of electric transmission lines and 10.5 Mft3 per day of water desalination assets.

All our assets have contracted revenues (regulated revenues in the case of our Spanish assets and one transmission line in Chile) and are underpinned by long-term contracts. Our assets have a weighted average remaining contract life of approximately 18 years as of December 31, 2019. Most of the assets we own, or in which we have interest, have project-finance agreements in place. Our portfolio is diversified both by business segment and geography. We currently have operating facilities in North America (United States, Canada and Mexico), South America (Peru, Chile and Uruguay) and EMEA (Spain, Algeria and South Africa). We intend to expand our portfolio, maintaining North America, South America and Europe as our core geographies.

We target to distribute a high percentage of our cash available for distribution and will seek to increase such cash dividends over time through the acquisition of additional contracted assets.

Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure Offices

Great West House, 17th floor,
Great West Road
Brentford TW8 9DF
London (United Kingdom)